Monday, June 3, 2013

June Currently

June has snuck up on me. I am amazed it is here yet the first of May seems so long ago. I spent the day in my first grad class and this evening attempting to unpack my apartment. I broke down boxes and hung a lot of art! It is starting to feel like home.  Since it is the beginning of June that means that it is currently time! Link up with Farly for more currently fun!

I have only been in Memphis a week and am already saturated in country music. There really is something delightful about country music and summer. 

I haven't had time to unpack or decorate in the past week and it has been killing me. I finally spent about 5 hours today cleaning and hanging up all of my artwork. It is starting to feel like home! 

I am amazed by how much I need for me classroom. So much planning, prepping, decorating, and purchasing to do. 

I have had my eye on a laminator to keep at home, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Any suggestions or advice? 

A printer! I have had free printing all through college, but now that is gone and I have nowhere to print. My classroom doesn't come with a printer (it has wireless access to a copy machine) so I have no way to make color copies.

Vacation Essentials
1. Sunglasses. I love wearing sunglasses mostly because I hate bright or strong lights. 
2. A book. Anything that will catch my attention. I read a lot of young adult fiction because it is faster and has less bad language in it. 
3. Sunscreen. I am so incredibly pale that sunscreen is a must!  

Have a lovely week and don't forget to link up! 


  1. Found you through Farley's Currently.
    I just visited way down south for the first time.
    Well I guess south-east.
    I've been to Texas many times.
    I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama.
    Would love to move down there.
    I am not a big country fan, but am loving that song Cruise.
    It just feels like summer.
    As far as printer and laminator...
    I would get a nice printer and do your laminating at school.
    If you have that option.
    It is a struggle not having color printing.
    Good luck with unpacking and getting everything you need for your classroom.
    Antoinette :)

    1. LOL-
      I guess I am already following you.
      My co-blogger Emily must have found you already.

  2. Good luck withthe printing woes! And it sounds like you will figure it all out ... maybe while enjoying that good book and wearing your shades!

    Visiting from the link up!

  3. Hi Kate,
    I linked up with Fifth in the Middle's blog by state for TN and found you! I am fairly new to blogging and I am a new follower! I have been wanting a laminator for home, too. I haven't looked at Hobby Lobby, but I think I am going to.

  4. I can't remember what my laminator is called but I know it is by Scotch (like the tape) and I got it at Walmart for $20. Works great! Hope you are enjoying your new town!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  5. I love love love the name of your blog! Your new design is cute! I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see more.

    Beach Teach