Sunday, August 23, 2015

End of an Era

I've been meaning to write this for a while. The last two years have been by far the most difficult and rewarding years of my life. I moved to a new state, went to grad school, started teaching, and grew in my faith and profession. Along the way I cried plenty, laughed even more, and was so touched by my little people I worked with every day.  

Some random pictures from the last few weeks of school. 
A sweet kiddo from my last class. He was so proud of himself and his growth this year! 

Last week of school fun. We "cleaned" our desks with shaving cream. A VERY messy endeavor, but a lot of fun! 

Getting flowers in the last week of school. This little one cried so hard when I announced I was leaving. It broke my heart. 

My grad program mentor came in to teach the kids yoga. We showed her our Maximo moves after she did a lesson with us! 

One of my absolute favorite students. She was not always the most focused, but she was so honest and kind! 

My fab 5 from my first year of teaching. Even after they left my class, they came in to help, talk, and hang out with me every morning. Two of the girls wrote me letters every week giving me an update! 

A mixture of my first and second classes with our thumbprint tree. I love these kiddos and all they taught me!

At graduation! The stress and hard work was worth it! 

 Although I am excited for my next chapter, a piece of my heart will always be with the people I worked with in Memphis. I only hope I touched them even half as much as they did me. 

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