Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bedside Table

You can tell a reader by their bedside table. Even if you aren't a reader, you know what these tributes to reading look like. The small table stacked high with books, borrowed and bought, just waiting to be read. Like any good teacher, my stack tends to shy away from adult fiction and focus on young adult literature. Although my students may not be able to read some of these books yet, they are quickly becoming part of culture and things most students know about. My goal is to share with you some of my favorites, the ones I read late into the night.

First on my list is Out of My Mind by Susan M. Draper

This is one of those books that you cannot put down. It is intended for ages 4th-8th grade, but I think it could be read to younger children depending on the situation. Everyone high school and up should read it too, especially teachers. 

Out of My Mind is the story of Melody, who is a physically disabled girl. But this disability has nothing to do with her mental powers. She remembers everything she has ever encountered, but nobody knows. Finally she is able to communicate with a computer, but will it change anything? This book is heartfelt and makes you reevaluate how you tread others, particularly those with disabilities. Just make sure you have some tissues! 

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