Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teachers for Boston

Last week was a week of loss, sorrow, and a testament to the American spirit. I love being an American and am proud to see my beloved country pulling closer together in tragedy. Around the world people are praying, showing support, and helping in any way they can.

Living in Texas right now, I have have seen first hand the every-day people giving their time and money to help the people of West. College students driving down to West to help with relief work. Elementary schools gathering extra supplies for students. The Blood drive lines were extra long today. Although I move to Tennessee in less than a month, my heart is with Texans and their strong commitment to taking care of each other. 

Helping the people of West has been an amazing experience, but I also wanted to help Boston. There has been so much hurt and so much hope in that city the past week. It makes me want to go up to the East Coast and volunteer! Unfortunately that is not the most reasonable plan. But as I was reading some blogs today I stumbled upon Michaela over at The Center Based Classroom, who has organized a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Bloggers from all over the country have donated products for this fundraiser. If you donate $20, you can get one of two product (K-2nd or 3rd-6th) bundles, both valued at over $150! All of your donation goes to the One Fund to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

I bought the K-2nd bundle, and I already love it! There are some really great resources in there. I pulled out fact and opinion uno with my tutoring kids today and they loved it! Buying either bundle is a great way to help Boston and have some new resources for the end of the school year.  Thanks to The Center Based Classroom for organizing this amazing fundraiser! 

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  1. Hi Kate - I just found you!! How cute is your blog? Love the sock monkey! I love that they organized that to help our the Boston victims. Teachers are the best aren't they!?!
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