Monday, August 26, 2013

They Rave for a Reason

Today we started the second week of school! I am really starting to fall in love with my little class. They LOVE when we do Whole Brain teaching. In my spare time (HA!) I am going to start a series on WBT. If you haven't heard of it, go there now! But enough about my class, back to the reason for today's post...

Ok, so I bought this pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies on a whim over the summer when I was desperate to get into my classroom but still wasn't allowed. I just set in a bag and didn't think about it much until I got to school two weeks before the kids came. First morning in my room and I was so overwhelmed by the mess in front of my that I decided to try out the sharpener. WOW was I amazed! It worked beautifully and I loved that it is idiot proof. There is no over-sharpening with this little beauty.
(please ignore the mess background! Cute class pics to come!)

Beautifully sharp pencils...every teachers dream. 

Now on my second week of school I love it even more. My kids get picked up from inside the classroom and I sharpen our pencils from the day while we wait. It is so quiet that some kids didn't even realize what I was doing until the third day! and I rarely have to give the kids new pencils during the day, most can make it through on one. After a pencil nightmare in student teaching, it is so nice not to have to worry! 
I highly recommend getting one for yourself! The entire teacher-blog community can't be wrong! 

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