Saturday, May 4, 2013

Interactive Story Starters

The end of school is getting closer by the day! Only one paper, two presentations, and three finals stand in my way! The countdown helps me to stay more focused, at least in theory.

I was subbing for a third grade class today and learned about the coolest story starters from Scholastic! (click on the picture for a link!)

We pulled it up on the smart board in the class so it could be interactive. When you select which type of story prompt you want, it then asks you to select a grade for the prompt (K-1, 2, 3, and 4-6). There are four different types of story starters, but today the kids picked adventure. When you open the page you can either have one student pull the lever or have four each come up and push the buttons at the bottom. I have four students high on the clip chart, so I let them each spin a wheel. 

Here is a picture of our prompt for today. They though it was so much fun! 

A sample prompt from the fantasy category. 

My personal favorite, questions to a space dog! 

In the class I was subbing for they have 20 minutes between lunch and specials time. Such an awkward gap! But this interactive story starter got everyone involved and excited to write. I love that the prompts are not just stories, but descriptions, lists, questions, and more! It is a great way to get their little brains thinking. 

This is a website that now has a spot in my bag of tricks. There is also a link for teacher resources. Gotta love Scholastic! 


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