Thursday, May 2, 2013

Keep Calm and Just Graduate

Just four more days of classes in my undergraduate career! It still hasn't really hit me how quickly everything is ending. One more week of classes, then a week of finals, then a week at home, then I move to Tennessee! May will be a whirlwind of endings and beginnings, but I am excited for the new opportunities.  I am trying not to see big picture right now and just focus on a few days at a time.
This mantra has been all over campus. It is true, at this point it is important to focus on graduating, but that is hard with so many other things to do!

The biggest time commitment I have right now (yes, over classes) is the show I am stage managing. Senior drama majors at my school have to produce and direct a one act play. For those that don't know, the stage manager is the one that runs everything! From keeping track of what goes on in rehearsal, blocking, lines, design meetings, daily reports and emails, to the actual running of the show when it goes up.
I have enjoyed the experience, just not the immense amount of time it takes each week. We have been in tech and dress for the past two weeks, and the show opens tonight! By Sunday it will be over. I am excited for the show to have an audience! Although I am ready to have my evenings back, I know I will miss the show. I love being involved in theater and know it will be harder to stay active in once I graduate.

One of my favorite parts of spring in Texas is the bluebonnets. There are huge fields of them near campus and they add such a beautiful color to the sometimes drab landscape. When they bloom, you know spring is here! They last for about a month. When they start to die, you know that heat is coming. Well, the bluebonnets are starting to die and we have weather in the upper 80s. Every year I block out how hot it can get here. I think my mind focuses on the good so that I don't hate my state. I am excited to see if weather in Tennessee is any cooler, but based on my weather app I think not. At least my brain is used to helping me forget the hot months! 

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